Pear Phone: Step into the World of Virtual Bliss!

The Pear Company is working day after day to make the best phone. They have been making some of the best phones in the market, and now they are asking for your opinion to make the best Pear Phone ever made. The company is too far, saying that this phone will be the best Smartphone ever made by any company. They are actually using a very smart strategy by asking people to make suggestions; this is actually one of the best strategies to get the attention of the crowd and when the people are at the height of the anticipation, they will release the phone and amazing sales.

The best thing about the upcoming Pear Phone is that it has all the great features of the amazing Pear Pad. Everything that is good about the Pear Pad will be a part of the upcoming Pear Phone. You will have an awesome camera that takes amazing pictures and makes splendid videos, WIFI and stereo media player that will give you booming sound quality. This will not only be a cell phone but will also work as your computer. You can receive and send messages, visual voicemail, emails, and even surf web pages at your leisure. Even though it will have a virtual keyboard, but you can also attach a Bluetooth keyboard too.

This is due to release in 2013, but the anticipation is high. The reason behind it has enticed people’s mind by telling about the features of this phone. For example, the rumor that the new phone by Pear will have virtual keyboards in four different languages. This is actually going to help this phone to be sold abundantly over the whole wide world. The LCD on this phone is going to be scratch proof, and the resolution will be 640 x 960. Another great factor about this phone is that you can actually connect your phone to your monitor with your phone. Now you can have fun on an even bigger screen.

It will also have a voice recognition system that will allow you to use your cell phone with only your voice; you would not even have to touch it. It will also have a built in language translator. And the company is promising to give you more languages to translate, but you would have to wait for 2015 model for that. You will also have the facility of GPS, plus if there are any problems with the phone, then you can easily reset it with a simple touch. It has a built in memory of 128 GB, you will also have a built in temperature teller. You will know when you are expecting rain or a sunny day.

It is going to be solar powered and you are going to use the ecosystem to charge your mobile. This wireless Pear Phone will be perfect for both men and women. And this phone will be available in blue, pink, brown, and black and green.